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  1. Year Books (1916-1964)

    QuellenartElektronische Volltexte & Multimedia>>Digitalisiertes Archivgut>>; Elektronische Volltexte & Multimedia>>Sonstige Volltexte / Multimedia>>
    Verleger Media History Digital Library
    Schlagworte FWZeitschrift
    Freie Schlagworte FW Jahrbuch
    Beschreibung "Year Books or annuals documented the accomplishments and participants in specific industries. The Year Books for the motion picture industry are especially important for historians: for each year they catalog films released, highlight events, provide comprehensive listings of industry companies and personnel, reprint company financial statements, and contain evocative advertisements from industry suppliers, vendors, producers, stars and directors. If magazines are the day to day history of the media industries, then year books follow that progress with a more objective perspective, while still looking at the industry as an inside player. The Year Books were published by industry trade magazines, and there was a tacit understanding that the purchase of advertising would help ensure that no negative coverage would appear." [Information des Anbieters]
    Inhaltsverzeichnis/Struktur1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s
    Themen FWFilm>>Bibliographien, Sammelschriften
    RVK FWAP 41100
    DDC FWHistorische, geografische, personenbezogene Behandlung; Kinematografie, Videoproduktion, verwandte Tätigkeiten
    geographischer BezugNordamerika>>USA (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika)>>
    zeitlicher Bezug20. Jahrhundert, 1900 – 1999>>1900 - 1919>>; 20. Jahrhundert, 1900 – 1999>>1920 - 1929>>; 20. Jahrhundert, 1900 – 1999>>1930 - 1939>>; 20. Jahrhundert, 1900 – 1999>>1940 - 1949>>; 20. Jahrhundert, 1900 – 1999>>1950 - 1959>>; 20. Jahrhundert, 1900 – 1999>>1960 - 1969>>
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