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  1. The Photoplay : A Psychological Study

    QuellenartElektronische Volltexte & Multimedia>>Selbständige Veröffentlichungen>>
    UrheberMünsterberg, Hugo
    Verleger New York/London: D. Appleton & Co.
    Schlagworte FWFilmtheorie
    Freie Schlagworte FW Hugo Münsterberg
    Beschreibung "Hugo M√ľnsterberg (1863-1916) was Professor of Experimental Psychology at Harvard University. His short book The Photoplay: A Psychological Study is regarded as being the first serious work of film theory, a text which remains a key text for the study beyond its purely hisorical interest. M√ľnsterberg was interested in the psychology and the aesthetics of motion pictures (chiefly fiction films), which he rooted in human thought processes and emotions. He argues for the legitimacy of film as one of the arts (a highly controversial position at the time) by arguing for the special ways in which it transforms the world through the act of transferring it onto the screen. It is stimulating read, and has a fascination simply for the details it gives of the cinema-going process and his responses to specific films." (Information des Anbieters; The Bioscope. Reporting on the world of early and silent cinema)
    Themen FWFilm>>Theorie, Methodik, Didaktik
    RVK FWAP 45000; AP 45100
    DDC FWPhilosophie, Theorie, Ästhetik
    geographischer BezugBehandlung nach Gebieten, Regionen, Orten im Allgemeinen>>
    zeitlicher Bezugzeitlich übergreifend / unabhängig>>