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  1. Floating as the Keyword : Chinese Independent Documentary Films in Postsocialist China

    QuellenartElektronische Volltexte & Multimedia>>Hochschulschriften>>
    UrheberUn, Siosan
    Verleger University of Toronto
    Umfang 61 S.
    Schlagworte FWFilmgenre; Filmgeschichtsschreibung; Dokumentarfilm; China
    Beschreibung "Independent documentary films have made floating population–such as the migrants and people who flow from place to place– a prominent screen scene against China’s social and cultural landscapes since the 1990s. This study investigates how a “floating generation” of Chinese filmmakers has been formed and represented as an imagined community in China’s post-socialist context through Chinese independent documentaries. An attempt to excavate and examine the problems behind the instable but also flexible status of Chinese independent filmmaking within the state censorship, my study focuses on the implications of the keyword “floating” as they unfold along the development of Chinese independent documentary films. In a case study of Jia Zhangke’s three documentaries, In Public, Dong and Useless, my study analyzes the relationship between independent documentaries and China’s campaign of “constructing a harmonious society”." (Information des Anbieters)
    Inhaltsverzeichnis/StrukturIntroduction; Chapter 1 Instability: Floating and The Status of Independent Documentary Filmmaking; Chapter 2 Flexibility: Blossoming of Independent Documentary Filmmaking in State Media Censorship; Chapter 3 Deconstructing the Harmonious Society: a Case Study of Jia Zhangke’s Documentary Films; Conclusion; Bibliography; Filmography
    Themen FWFilm>>Filmgattungen nach dem Zweck; Film>>Film in einzelnen Ländern
    RVK FWAP 49400; AP 59762
    DDC FWPhilosophie, Theorie, Ästhetik; Historische, geografische, personenbezogene Behandlung
    geographischer BezugAsien Orient Ferner Osten>>China und benachbarte Gebiete>>
    zeitlicher Bezug21. Jahrhundert, 2000 – 2099>>2000 - 2009>>